Seashell Crafts

20 Fabulous Seashell Crafts

8. DIY Seashell Necklace

DIY Seashell Necklace

Tutorial at Kelyn Brooke

9. DIY String of Shells

DIY String of Shells

Tutorial at AllThingsCharming

10. DIY Mermaid Tiara For Marmaid Costume

DIY Mermaid Tiara For Marmaid Costume

Tutorial at CreativeGreenLiving

11. DIY Seashell Earrings

DIY Seashell Earrings

Tutorial at Kathrinshine

12. DIY Seashell Candle Holder

DIY Seashell Candle Holder

Tutorial at WhatsUrHomeStory

13. DIY Seashell Flower Necklace

DIY Seashell Flower Necklace

Tutorial at DebisDesignDiary

14. DIY Seashore Windchimes

DIY Seashore Windchimes

Source: Poindextr

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