20 Fabulous Seashell Crafts

20 Fabulous Seashell Crafts

From holiday trips to the sea it is worth to bring some souvenirs such as seashells. You can also buy seashells in the craft stores. They can serve as a nice home decoration or even as a jewelery. There are a plenty of ways to make seashell crafts and we want to introduce you 20 the most interesting proposals.

1. DIY Seashell Bouquet

DIY Seashell Bouquet

Tutorial at ShellCrafter

2. DIY Seashell Shadowboxes

DIY Seashell Shadowboxes

Tutorial at It’sTheLittleThingsThatMakeHouseAHome

3. DIY Mini Aquarium

DIY Mini Aquarium

Tutorial at Arctida

4. DIY Sea in a Bottle

DIY Sea in a Bottle

Tutorial at Childhood101

5. DIY Shell Mirror

DIY Shell Mirror

Tutorial at ShineYourLight

6. DIY Seashell Night Light

DIY Seashell Night Light

Tutorial at Bloglovin

7. DIY Beach Inspired Mason Jar

DIY Beach Inspired Mason Jar

Tutorial at APumpkin&APrincess

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