DIY Bed Frames

20 Gorgeous DIY Bed Frames

20 Gorgeous DIY Bed Frames

Bed is the most important, and usually the most expensive furniture in the bedroom. In general, the frame is a significant cost of the whole, so to save we can do it by hand. By doing it handmade, we can emphasize our individuality and match it to the décor of the bedroom. Here we present 20 bed frame ideas which you can DIY. Under each photo you will find a link to the instructions on how to make a given bed frame.

1. DIY Floating Bed

DIY Floating Bed

Short Tutorial at Imgur

2. DIY Simple White Bed Frame

DIY Simple White Bed Frame

Plans at DecorAndTheDog

3. DIY Upholstered Bed

DIY Upholstered Bed

Plans at ViewAlongTheWay

4. DIY Boat Bed

DIY Boat Bed

Full Tutorial at Instructables

5. DIY Statement Bed

DIY Statement Bed

Tutorial at TheAccentPiece

6. DIY Pipe Bed Frame

DIY Pipe Bed Frame

Tutorial at SimplifiedBuilding

7. DIY Pallet Bed

DIY Pallet Bed

Tutorial at ProjectNursery

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