20 Fun DIY Doormats & Welcome Mats

20 Fun DIY Doormats & Welcome Mats

Transform ordinary and boring doormat into original and fun. Here are 20 ideas for the unique doormat in front of your door that none of your neighbors will have. Thanks to it your entrance will welcome guests from the threshold. Execution of it is banal, cheap and fast. Under each photo you will find a link to the tutorial.

1. DIY “Yay! It’s you” Doormat

DIY 'Yay! It's you' Doormat

Tutorial at ButFirstCoffeeBlog

2. DIY Fox Doormat

DIY Fox Doormat

Tutorial at Hawthorne&Main

3. DIY Cute Doormat

DIY Cute Doormat

Tutorial at SheKnows

4. DIY “Cute Shoes” Doormat

DIY 'Cute Shoes' Doormat

Tutorial at More.com

5. DIY “Whalecome” Mat

DIY 'Whalecome' Mat

Tutorial at AtHomeInLove

6. DIY Striped Neon Doormat

DIY Striped Neon Doormat

Tutorial at Cupcakes&Cashmere

7. DIY “Home” Mat

DIY 'Home' Mat

Short Tutorial at ABeautifulMess

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